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offers you creative solutions in the field of packaging and always seeks to give its partners adequate support by providing them with products that conform to international standards to continue success in the field of packaging.

Let's protect nature together

Affuraplast company, we have embraced an unwavering commitment to the noble cause of ZERO WASTE and safeguarding the environment. As passionate advocates for sustainability, we take immense pride in offering innovative solutions that not only meet your business needs but also contribute to a greener tomorrow.


As Affuraplast Company, we offer solutions in levels differing according to the business volume we create together with our solution partners.


We support the updating technology with our innovative approach. We use latest technology machines in our production.


Our "Nature Friendly" policy defines the production that protects our natural resources and supports a sustainable life.


We aim to legate a clean and habitable world to the coming generations in accordance with the idea of using natural resources and protecting the environment.

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What are stand up pouches made of?

The Increasing Popularity of Stand Up Pouches Stand up pouches have gained popularity as a practical packaging option for a variety of items in the food, beverage, pet, eletronics, agriculture…