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Afoura Company offers you creative solutions in the field of packaging and always seeks to give its partners adequate support by providing them with products that conform to international standards to continue success in the field of packaging.

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In addition to producing all kinds of bags, printed or non-printed sizes and many printed polyethylene products. The Company also recycles recycled polyethylene materials and converts them into raw materials.
Affura Plast Company was established 4 years ago and was able to prove its efficiency in the Turkish market in terms of quality, competitive prices and customer satisfaction. The company's current headquarters are located in Gaziantep, Turkey.


Our vision is to shape Affura Plast to one of leading organizations in Printing and packaging industry.


Our mission is to provide efficient, environmental, innovative and safe products and service quality above the expectations of our clients by continuously developing our technological infrastructure and qualified work force in cooperation with our raw materials suppliers.​



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Since its establishment in 2016, Afoura Company has been providing printed and unprinted packaging and packaging products, as it has been able to prove its efficiency in the Turkish market in terms of quality, prices and customer satisfaction. The company also provides additional services such as design and innovative ideas in the field of packaging and printing.

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Launching Affuraplast New Website

Launching Affuraplast New Website We proudly announce the launching of Affura Plast Co. Website. You can now navigate through the categories of our wide collection of products and know about…